Pasta Failure

I had always heard that pasta is hard to make, but that didn’t stop me from trying. I found a recipe to make the pasta dough in my bread machine. So I set out to buy the ingredients and even recruited Amy to help me make the pasta. I spent the better part of the afternoon making it.


It did look pretty till we tried to cook it then it was nothing but mush. I do plan on making it again since I have ingredients still left over.

Lessons Learned from Pasta Failure:

1. I think I made it too thick. Next time I plan on making it thinner.

2. I think I put way too many noodles at once in the water.

3. Maybe let it dry out longer, despite that it said in recipe you didn’t have too.

Of course all that is guess work and time will tell. I’m trying to gather the courage to attempt it again. I will post the recipe if the second time works.

We can’t always have perfect attempts I guess, just keep trying and learning!