Simple Easy Wall Decor

Like most people, when traveling on any trip I tend to take random pictures. Whether it’s pictures of buildings, scenery, or objects. Something tells me it will make a good photo, now I’m an avid scrapbooker and my motto has always been never too many photos (my husband hates this, and most trips involve 100s of photos. I just happen to see life through a camera lens). But taking photos and scrapbooking them away isn’t really for everyday use, and I don’t know about you but I love to remember the places I have seen and been. So my hallway is now my travel art area.


Everyone thought the photos were in frames but nope I mod podge them on 4×5 canvas, and it was EASY. I found the canvas 40% off at Hobby Lobby so for all the canvas I spent maybe $10 dollars. I painted the sides and some of the top because I had to trim the pictures. I trimed the photos to be slightly smaller than the canvas because I figured it would be easier to mod podge.

Once your paint is dry put your mod podge on the canvas and then put it on the photo too place it the canvas and wait for a few seconds. When I mod podge anything I start by adding a heavy coat to the sides and then cover the photo or paper. I only did two coats of mod podge but I did my first coat sort of heavy.

Once it was dry I wrote with a Sharpie on the back of the canvas the trip it was and date and any important details (like who it was with). I decided to only use photos of trips my husband and me went on together.

The wooden Tolkien quote, found at a local shop (it’s my husband, he loves Tolkien and almost all things geek) The empty spot I’m going to try doing a home state art. I will post it once I do it.


This as I mention in the Crayon Art post, it’s so easy it almost isn’t worth mentioning but I will add it to this post since it fits. I love this quote as does my husband and it fits perfect with us and our kitchen. I had found on Etsy the same print but no one would take anything but paypal (and apparently my husband doesn’t approve at all of paypal, I won’t go into details, I will spare you)

My heart was set on having this quote in some form in our kitchen. So I downloaded some font that I loved, found some scrapbooking paper that I loved, and typed it on word and printed it out. It was easy and cheap, consider this was an old frame I had laying around. So I paid 30 cents for the paper (it was on sale at Hobby Lobby). I then had my husband draw the books and tea cup and I have to admit it’s perfect and so worth the 30 cents.

Easy to be sure. Cheap also. Have fun and Good Luck.



Tile Coasters

After seeing several ideas for coasters on Pinterest, I decided to try one. I didn’t know whether to use scrapbooking paper or I saw a cute idea to use maps of places you have been. But scrapbooking paper won and I happen to have tons of it. I went to Lowe’s and got a square foot of tile slate which is 10 pieces around 4 dollars. I have to say some of them was a little challenging to use because they aren’t perfectly smooth.

I cut and tweak the size I wanted and then I covered the tile in Mod Podge. I also covered the back of the paper I used in Mod Podge. I then pressed the paper down and I tried to press it in the bumps and grooves of the slate the best I could. After it was in place I put a coat around the edges of the paper and then covered the rest of the paper. Easy enough. Once it dries repeat the process. I went a little over board and did about 7 coats but the bottle says 5 is enough.

So easy to do and super cute for gifts!!