Crayon Art

After wanting to do crayon art since the first time I saw it. I decided what a perfect idea for a little bit of kitchen decor. However it isn’t as easy as it looks and truthfully the first word that comes to mind is MESSY!! The best way I found to do it is hold the blow dryer to the crayon till it starts to melt (it looks like it is sweating) once it starts to do this you have a few choices…

1) try to melt a little more and start to draw a pattern while the blow dryer is still on (but this doesn’t work as well as you might think this is the one my husband ended up doing)

2) more of a splatter art which is the one I preferred (I do suggest to make sure you are in a place that if the crayon splatters past your canvas you don’t mind however it is an easy clean up it does scrape off but I’m still finding crayon spots in my living room)

3) crayons in a hot glue gun but this isn’t as easy as it sounded, my crayons were slightly too big for my hot glue gun and it was more of a mess than what it was worth and my hot glue gun is in the trash

4) gluing crayons on a side of the canvas and let it roll down (I didn’t glue them but I did start to melt them and stood up the canvas holding the crayon to the end and let it roll down the canvas)


A mixture of 1 & 2


My version of 4


My husbands, he did 1 but drew the Tardis (blue box) the sky and Allons-y is crayon.. Doctor Who


My blue crayon art is 2, the square black frame is a quote I did (I might do a little post on this but it almost seems a waste I just downloaded font and printed it on scrapbooking paper had my husband draw what the quote was related too) the B came from Hobby Lobby and the cupcake clock is Curly Girl Design (which I LOVE)

Hope this is helpful! I’m sure kids would love doing this and it would make wonderful gifts! It’s cheap but can be time consuming! Good luck on any crayon art projects!!