Tile Coasters

After seeing several ideas for coasters on Pinterest, I decided to try one. I didn’t know whether to use scrapbooking paper or I saw a cute idea to use maps of places you have been. But scrapbooking paper won and I happen to have tons of it. I went to Lowe’s and got a square foot of tile slate which is 10 pieces around 4 dollars. I have to say some of them was a little challenging to use because they aren’t perfectly smooth.

I cut and tweak the size I wanted and then I covered the tile in Mod Podge. I also covered the back of the paper I used in Mod Podge. I then pressed the paper down and I tried to press it in the bumps and grooves of the slate the best I could. After it was in place I put a coat around the edges of the paper and then covered the rest of the paper. Easy enough. Once it dries repeat the process. I went a little over board and did about 7 coats but the bottle says 5 is enough.

So easy to do and super cute for gifts!!




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